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Sewage sludge is continuously produced in the course of wastewater clarification processes, which is either utilized in further processing or disposed of. A rapid concentration of the solids and a reduction of the sludge volume are the basis for the efficient treatment and disposal of wastewater sludge in downstream processes.

The quantity of primary and surplus sludge is reduced as a result of sludge thickening procedures and disposal costs are, therefore, lowered. Special stirring and scraping mechanisms reduce the water content of the sludge in the sludge thickening tank and enable a continuous removal of still pumpable, free-flowing sludge into a collection hopper. Mechanical thickeners are used when rapid thickening is required for sludge which cannot be stabilised. These are suitable for both high and low throughput volumes and enable a high thickening concentration, in an economic process with low polymer consumption

With its PASSAVANT® gravity thickeners and the PASSAVANT® Belt Thickener FluX-Drain, Bilfinger Water Technologies offers particularly economic solutions for your specific application requirements.

In addition to the planning and installation of entire fully operational sludge thickening plants, it is possible to easily integrate our systems into existing structures.