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Bilfinger Water Technologies offers underdrain screening systems for filter installations as an optimal and cost-effective solution for the filtration of water, wastewater and process water, in order to improve wastewater collection and provide an optimal distribution of air and water in the backwash tank.

JOHNSON SCREENS® TRITON UNDERDRAINS™ are a drainage system offering the optimal solution for both new installations and filter refurbishment, which is employed as an alternative to the conventional filter nozzle bottom in wastewater treatment plants. These systems are mainly installed in open filter tanks but special applications are also possible in closed pressure filters. The system guarantees optimal collection and distribution of filtered wastewater with a direct retention of the filtered material.

The main advantages of the JOHNSON SCREENS® TRITON UNDERDRAINS™ are their low construction height and variable gap widths of up to 0.150 mm. The gap can be adjusted to suit the filter material and supporting layers are, therefore, no longer necessary.

The TRITON UNDERDRAINS™ are available in stainless steel and PVC and guarantee a high level of strength and durability with maximum open surface area. They thus offer you the opportunity to optimise the efficiency of your treatment plants.