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Rotary drum screens separate, filter and sieve floating matter and particles from liquids, process water and wastewater. Each rotary drum screen is specifically designed for the respective application. A differentiation is, therefore, made between screen types which are loaded internally or externally. When ultra fine particles have
to be filtered out of flows of water and wastewater, micro-sieving / screening technologies come into play.

Bilfinger Water Technologies has a broad portfolio of internally and externally loaded rotary drum and micro screen systems, which have been successfully employed for many years in the separation of solids and liquids in municipal wastewater treatment plants and for the treatment of industrial process water.

The heart of the internally loaded screen design is a robust rotating screen drum in which the solids are retained,
carefully dewatered and then discharged from the system. Externally loaded rotary drums are particularly suitable for floating, greasy and sticky solids which can be reliably separated via the surface of the rotary drum screen.

Micro screen rotary drum systems are an effective and economic alternative to conventional screening systems in municipal wastewater treatment plants and are excellently suited to the treatment of surface water. Micro screen rotary drum systems can be used in a wide range of applications as they offer the possibility to utilise diverse meshes made of a wide variety of materials. Our micro screens can reliably filter out the finest particles from flows of water and wastewater with a convincingly high separation performance and low cost in continuous operation.