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Micro-sieving / screening is the last stage in the water intake procedure and plays a particularly important role as downstream installations such as pumps and capacitors must be reliably protected against breakdowns. Solids and / or contaminants are separated from the liquid phase and removed for disposal or recycling.

With its rotary drums, micro screens and underdrain systems for gravity filters, Bilfinger Water Technologies offers effective and economic solutions for water purification, wastewater treatment and the processing of recyclable material.

Fine and micro-sieving / screening is based on mechanical processes. Various screening technologies form the basis for the separation of liquids and solids and are decisive to the success of practical applications. Screening is carried out either statically or dynamically, whereby both processes can be effected in a continuous or discontinuous mode. Rotary drum, micro and underdrain screens are employed for fine and micro-sieving / screening in gravity filter

Micro screen systems with rotating drums are an effective and cost effective alternative to conventional rakes and screens in municipal wastewater technology applications. Our underdrain screening components are suitable for use in the purification of drinking or process water and also as a third clarification stage or for complex filtration applications.