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Aeration tanks and the respective aeration equipment are at the core of modern biological wastewater treatment plants. Modern wastewater technology calls for efficient aeration systems which ensure a high level of technical flexibility with maximum oxygen enrichment values.

Biological treatment in the aeration tank is aided by microrganisms which absorb and process dissolved substances. Aeration systems play an important role hereby, as they create an oxygen rich environment and promote the mixing of the sludge and water.

Bilfinger Water Technologies offers a wide range of efficient aeration systems for the effective introduction of oxygen into the activated sludge, which are designed to meet various challenges and to be utilised in different applications, according to your specific requirements. Our technologies are characterized by their constantly high level of oxygen enrichment, robust and resilient construction and application flexibility.

The biological treatment is followed by the separation of the water / sludge mixture in the secondary clarification process. This final stage of the biological treatment aims to remove, as
far as possible, all the floating and settleable solids and draw off clear water. In order to achieve high throughput rates and low turbulence levels, Bilfinger Water Technologies provides robust and almost turbulence-free scraper technologies for circular and longitudinal tanks which are also highly suitable for primary and intermediary clarification tanks.

The products offered include:

  • PASSAVANT® Surface Brush Aerator MAMMOTH ROTOR®
  • PASSAVANT® Fine Bubble Aeration BIOFLEX®
  • PASSAVANT® Fine Bubble Aeration ROEFLEX®